How to Make Money on Forex Trading Signals?

In the modern IT world, the exchange speculator has the opportunity to realize his profit potential not only in the market, but also earn additional money on his own trade. However paradoxical it may be, if a fix api trader earns from the market, he can earn more from his positive result. How? We will talk about this today.

An excellent element of additional income for a trader is implementation of several areas:

  1. Providing trading recommendations.
  2. Trust management of the trading account.

Providing trading recommendations

The given kind consists in the fact that if you trade under certain conditions of your trading strategy which displays favorable moments for entering in the market, you can share these signals in the fix api forex market ( ). Of course, provision of trading signals will not occur on a free basis. You can take a monthly subscription for your recommendations, and if they are profitable, then you will be able to keep your customer base from month to month and increase it. Thus, a passive income will be generated directly for your trading. Personally, to do this I recommend using automatic platforms, which will display the result of your fix api MT4 trading account. This will immediately sign additional customers to their trade.

Trust management of the trading account

In addition to providing trading signals, you can directly implement them yourself on the customer’s account. Thus, you can quickly influence the client’s trading result, as well as independently control the risks. To do this, you must have a trust management agreement, according to which you will work. According to this principle, your income will be forced exclusively in case of a positive result on the client account, from which you will take a certain percentage of the profit (usually 2% of the management fee and 20% of the result). For example, if you took $ 100,000 under management and earned $5000 on this account, then your yield would be $ 1,000 from the yield and $200 for the fact of trust management.

If we consider these two options, as for me, the most profitable is provision of signals on special platforms for fix api trading. After all, this has a number of advantages:

  1. It allows you to control the risks for your trading account and work with comfortable amounts;
  2. It gives an opportunity to earn a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome (but remember that without a result, there will be no subscriptions and the next extension of the signals subscription);
  3. It allows you to increase the loyalty of current customers and recognition among other traders if you publish the results on external sources;
  4. You can connect an automatic trading strategy ( ), which itself will accumulate both the profitability from the market and the yield for the subscription.

I recommend using several excellent sources to place your trading signals, which will show your profitability and trading result:

  1. 1sforexsignals – is a new platform among the trading signals, but it has the lowest input threshold for signals starting from $1.
  2. Mql is perhaps the largest community of fix api traders who place their signals on the platform. However, the minimum subscription cost is $30, which excludes the possibility of providing signals to the customers with a small deposit amount.
  3. Myfxbook is a resource that is multifunctional monitoring of trading operations and allows you to publish trading signals based on the statistics.

Summarizing a bit, one can draw a simple conclusion that each trader is unrestricted by the profitability framework of his trading strategy. However, to generate additional profitability, it is necessary to work hard and improve our trading system.

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