The most popular trading signals regardless of the strategy

A lot of players in the financial market perform daily trading operations. There can be many grounds for committing these transactions: a prone fundamental background, triggering of technical patterns or even entry into a long-term fix api trading. Each of them relies on the existence of certain patterns and recommendations directly to its strategy. As you know, a stable positive result in the financial market is possible only if there is a trading strategy.

A trading strategy is a set of rules and principles that guide the manager when making an investment decision. Each strategy has an identical set of parameters and blocks, but each of them has its own individual set of trading signals, which are combined into a single chain of sequential actions. Thus, each trading strategy has the same blocks: definition of trading instruments and conditions; analysis of entry points on the market; analysis of exit points from the market; parameters of money management; support for open positions; analysis of committed trading operations.

Today, we will speak directly about the tools from the first block, namely the trading signals. Moreover, let’s consider the most popular and working ones of them.

Trading signal ( ) is the basis of each trading system. This is exactly what makes your system unique and different from the strategy of another player in the fix api forex market. The signal displays the best moment for the trader to enter and exit from the position, which allows more flexible management of his capital. Since each signal takes into account the price and financial asset, they can be used without problems, regardless of the trading methodology or strategy.

There are many different trading signals in the financial market and in particular on fix api forex. Even fundamental data are a signal to action for the fix api trader. But I will consider exactly those technical signals and combinations that have confirmed their performance for a long period of time.

The most popular trading signals, regardless of the trading strategy:


  1. Reversal combinations. These signals can be attributed immediately to the whole group of technical elements in the form of repeated patterns. I have repeatedly reviewed in my materials patterns such as pin bar ( ), double bottom/top or head-shoulders. You can find more details about them in my blog. However, I want to note that their ability to work under given conditions is due to the fact that all other market players see these patterns, therefore they also trade on them and build their forecasts.
  2. Support and resistance levels. I think these methods of classical technical analysis do not need to be represented, because a lot of different trading systems are created on their basis. The essence of signals is that when the quotes of the financial asset reach a certain level of support or resistance, the trader should be vigilant and prepare for a market reversal or breakdown followed by a trend continuation.
  3. Divergence. It is also a classic analysis tool that is implemented in a combination of prices and indicators from the group of oscillators. When the quotes of the financial asset show growth, and the indicator values (MACD or AO) decreases, the fix api trader receives a signal of a possible price correction down. Accordingly, signals for sale can be considered. Signals for asset purchases arise if the indicator values increase and the quotes decrease.
  4.  As you can see, the versatility of these trading signals makes it possible to apply them even in your trading strategy. If you implement a signal that does not present in your fix api trading, I’m more than confident that it will help you increase your financial performance.

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