Price Action in compatibility with different strategies

The whole success of a modern trader depends on his trading strategy and trading style. Some techniques expand, optimize and improve, but all for the sake of a single goal – to generate a positive result from the fixapitrading activities.

The desire to create their own vision of financial assets movement has provoked the emergence of a huge number of different methods for forecasting the future tool value. Thus, the new market players, coming into this sphere, have some ground, which can be taken as a basis for creating their own trading systems. You should agree that each of us uses elements that have been taken from other strategies. But the most popular strategy of all is the Price ActionTrade.

Price Action is based on fix api trading without the use of any technical elements or auxiliary indicators. To put it simply, this strategy’s focus is analyzing a clean chart, where the candlestick combinations and different patterns are taken as a basis for trading signals: reversal bars, triangle, double bottom or top, flag, pennant, and so on.

The advantage of this trading strategy is that it is ideal for combination with other systems. Thus, signals received from Price Action do not cancel signals from the application of another strategy, but can even become a confirmatory filter.

There are much more positive aspects of this strategy than these:

  • It allows you to get the reversal signals at the very beginning of the trend;
  • It receives signals that confirm the generated movement;
  • They can become a filter that confirms the asset movement in almost any trading strategy;
  • It allows you to trade with the ratio of SL to TP more than 1/4;
  • It does not require software intervention and additional visualization of the trading signals presence;
  • It requires a minimum amount of a temporary resource for mastering key types of trading signals;
  • It allows you to conduct fix apitrading based on the classic analysis elements.

I want to note that this trading system can be combined only with the strategies that do not include elements of pattern analysis. For example, if you trade on the Bill Williams system, then the reversal pattern is a signal to open positions and the author recommends this element from Price Action. But if you use a “Turtle”trading strategy, then you can combine various Price Action tools to adjust open positions and additional inputs to the market.

A great combination of strategies for trading on the fix apiforex market is the use with automatic algorithms. I emphasize that the system combines exactly with those trading robots that do not require the use of the entire investment capital and those that from the opening of transactions in a manual mode will not brought down the settings. One such algorithm is the fix api arbitrage trading robot –

Arbitration algorithm conducts a constant analysis of the presence of exchange rate differences of the same currency pair, but on different exchange platforms. This allows the algorithm to use minimal funds from the deposit for investment, and at the same time, the opening of transactions will not violate the principle of the trading robot. Thus, a fix api trader can open transactions based on the Price Action trading signals, and the robot will conduct parallel trading, which will allow you to diversify the risks and increase the percentage of profitability.

Price Action strategy is fairly easy to use. You just have to study various combinations and you can immediately use it on market quotes. A broad combination with various trading strategies makes this system mandatory for study and implementation in any fix api trading.


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